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Refreshment Class (Manual Handling)

(Aged care/Home care/Disability care)

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  • Course Duration2 Hours
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  • Course Fee$55

Refreshment Class (Manual Handling)

The manual handling refreshment class is for the one who wants to update their skills. All the carer staff including their manager and supervisor who are directly involved in moving or handling a client, are recommended to update their skills yearly. The manual handling refreshment class is also important for students who are pursing nursing related courses and for the people are working as a nurse, occupational therapist, medical staff, physiotherapist, ambulance staff, and many other roles related to health and community care industries. The manual handling course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to a healthcare worker for the safe work environment while dealing with the client directly within aged care, disability, and home and community care environment

The manual handling refreshment course is designed as the requirements of staff working the Health and Community Care Industry. After successful completion of manual handling training, you will be able to safely identify, plan and perform manual handling tasks to assist in maintaining an injury–free workplace.


We issue manual handling training certificate on the same day.

  • No admission or booking cost or hidden charges.
  • Hands on Practical Training.
  • Certificates issued on the same day.
  • Note:

  • Manual Handling Certificates (Statement of Attendance) are issued electronically.
  • Additionally, hard copies of Manual Handling Certificates can be purchased for a fee of $5.
Training Location

Level 1/118 King William Street, Adelaide 5000

The manual handling training and simulation will be conducted in our training facilities. We prove you access to the following:

  • Hospital Bed.
  • Slide sheets.
  • Full Hoist.
  • Stand Hoist.
  • Shower Chair.
  • Wheel Chair.
  • Monkey Ring.
  • Bed bath.
  • Walking frame and Walking stick.
  • Seat Walker.
  • Commode chair

You will have the access to many other equipment’s if you wanted to get some training from our trainers.

Content Covered:
  • Basic principle of Manual Handling.
  • No Lift policy.
  • Appropriate postures.
  • Repositioning the client using the Slide Sheet.
  • Repositioning the client using a monkey bar.
  • Assisting the client with mobility .
  • Transferring the client from bed to chair without using the lifter.
  • Transferring the client from bed to chair with the Stand Hoist (Stand up Lifter).
  • Transferring the client from bed to chair with the General Hoist (Full Hoist/Full Lifter).
  • Turning the client in the bed.
  • Floor recovery (Response to a client’s fall).
  • Assisting the client with the Commode chair.
  • Bed Making.

Certificate: A certificate of completion will be issued by Apt training college upon successful completion of this course. Click Book Now
Note: This is course is not an accredited course.