Our Origins and Story

Who we are?

With 10 years of experience in health and community sector, Apt training College (Care Education and Training Services RTO Id: 41091) was established in 2015, and it aims to mitigate such a huge demand for aged care workers with its delivery locations across Australia... The institution is dedicatedly and repeatedly has been engaged in offering quality training services. Apt Training College is a leading training college in South Australia and NSW which provides health care courses including CHC33015 certificate iii in Individual support (ageing / disability).We are a premier aged-care training institution providing candidates with strong knowledge, definitive career outcomes and preparing them for a rewarding and fulfilling career in aged care, disability and related-services sector. At Apt our focus is on the needs and expectations of the candidate as well as the future direction they intend to take within their career. Our training and development courses are then designed to help the student achieve professional currency and capabilities to face the dynamic and growing sector of aged-care services.

What We Do?

We design and delivers programs according to the needs to the individuals. We have worked hard over the past years to make our courses more industry-specific and to bring our assessments in line with industry expectations. We regularly interact with industry experts and professionals to ensure our materials and assessments reflect the latest trends and expectations in the industry. We gather industry feedback and intelligent input from professionals to expose our candidates to the industry operations and make them job-ready from the day they join the workplace. We also work hard to ensure that our candidates are placed with best companies and providers in the sector to gain maximum and highest-quality experience and training on the job. We mix and match qualifications according to the specific technical development needs of the candidate and the classroom. Our excellent team provides full service and support to the candidates throughout the training program and this sets us apart as an RTO and provides us with an enviable reputation in the market. We operate a fully-resourced campus in Adelaide. We have numerous local and national links to invite informed people from the industry, recommend placements enabling us to provide more informal support to the students. Operating completely within Australia’s well-defined legal landscape, we are continuously monitored, regularly audited and risk-tested by the national VET regulator ASQA so all our qualifications are nationally recognised and fully accredited by the Australian Government.