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Why a personal care worker needs to renew first aid training and how often they need to renew it?

Why Do You Need to Renew Your First Aid Training as a Healthcare Worker in Australia? Posted by Admin, december 7, 2019
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Why Do You Need to Renew Your First Aid Training as a Healthcare Worker in Australia?

First aid training is one of the prerequisites to employment if you are thinking of working as a healthcare professional. If you have been trained in first aid professionally, there are higher chances of better employment. But training is not enough.

Did you know you are required to update your first aid knowledge and renew first aid training qualification every three years?

The Australian First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice mandates every health care worker to take a refresher first aid course every three years. The course should be nationally recognized and if you fail to renew your knowledge every three years, you might need to complete the full course once again. Here are some of the reasons you need to renew first aid training:

1. Changes in General Procedures

First aid procedures are constantly updated. With new research, studies and findings, general procedures are improved for maximum effectiveness. Even the smallest change can have a life saving impact. So, it is always better to stay updated about latest changes to general first aid and CPR procedures.

2. Refreshing Your Skills and Expertise

First aid is not something that a healthcare professional needs to do on an everyday basis. So, it is natural as a human to forget about things and that important information skips one’s mind. Updating one’s training is the best way to ensure you always remember what is required to be done during critical times.

First aid can make a huge difference in cases of traumas, injuries or accidents. Healthcare organizations are really serious about the expertise of their employees in first aid. If you want to succeed as a healthcare professional, you need to stay updated about first aid procedures and skills. So, it’s better to enroll in a first aid course today.