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Aged Care Training Courses Australia

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We don’t just provide training and education, we provide you the tools and expertise to perform on your job from your day of joining. We work hard to design programs and support services so that you can focus on the necessary part and start gaining the knowledge and strategies to work in the industry and outperform the others.

Why choose Aged and Disability Care Courses?

As people grow older, they need support and care to maintain health, wellbeing and deserve social and family connection too. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report 2016, about 40% of the elderly people in Australia is being in need of such assistance and care. Though most of the Australian family members, friends and neighbours are able to provide the support, and more are desired. According to the study, more than one million elderly Australians receive aged care and support services and it is also expected that the number will increase to 3.5 million by 2050 (Productivity Commission 2011, Caring for Older Australians: Overview, Report No. 53, Final Inquiry Report, Canberra). Therefore, the demand for well skilled and qualified care workers will also increase in the forthcoming years.

Aged Care and Disability Courses

Gain fully accredited and nationally recognised qualification in aged care and related services from the best professionals in the industry. Gain job-ready insights that will help you to achieve success in your work place from day one. Start your training using the best learning resources and with the knowledge and support of our most qualified trainers.

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