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Aged Care Training Courses Australia

Why choose Apt Training College?

We don’t just provide training and education, we provide you the tools and expertise to perform on your job from your day of joining. We work hard to design programs and support services so that you can focus on the necessary part and start gaining the knowledge and strategies to work in the industry and outperform the others.

    Some of the following reasons to choose aged care courses with apt are:
  • Have 10 years experience in delivering Health and community care courses
  • Have Trained more than 8,000 students so far
  • Vocational Work placement without delay
  • High Employment results
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Qualified and Experienced trainers
  • Quality Training
  • Multiple locations across Australia
  • Training with flexibility
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Flexible payment options
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How to become an aged care worker?

For the people living in Adelaide or anywhere in Australia, Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015) is the doorway to get in to aged care Industry. Apt Training College is one of the leading training organizations which offers an Aged care courses in Adelaide. The course at Apt is a nationally recognized training.

Why choose Aged Care Courses & Disability Care Courses?

As people grow older, they need support and care to maintain health, wellbeing and deserve social and family connection too. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report 2016, about 40% of the elderly people in Australia is being in need of such assistance and care. Though most of the Australian family members, friends and neighbours are able to provide the support, and more are desired. According to the study, more than one million elderly Australians receive aged care and support services and it is also expected that the number will increase to 3.5 million by 2050 (Productivity Commission 2011, Caring for Older Australians: Overview, Report No. 53, Final Inquiry Report, Canberra). Therefore, the demand for well skilled and qualified care workers will also increase in the forthcoming years.

The aged care industries have a very bring future, and has immense chances future growth. According the survey conducted by Adzuna job market, the aged care vacancies have doubled in the recent years. It is also expected that in the next 20 years, aged care sectors will be the largest employers in Australian job market.

This means choosing aged care courses which is formally called Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015), and getting qualified in it, is a great choice.

Why there is growing need of Aged Care in Australia?

Aged Care sector is the fastest growing sector in Australia which provides large number of services and employment opportunities to the people residing in Australia. Moreover, the proportion of baby boomers in Australia is almost 5.5 million which is quite high. However, 75% of the baby boomers have passed their retirement age of 65, whereas 8% of the old people are living in aged care homes. Due to the rise in the population of elderly generation people, the demand of aged care retirement homes will increase subsequently in the next five years. This sector not only opens doors for the job seekers, but also provides care and services to the elderly people. Aged Care sector plays an important role in boosting the economy of the nation. Furthermore, it also provides home care packages to the old people at reasonable prices. While contributing to the economy of the country, it also makes contribution to the other industries such as food, accommodation, medical and many more. The future growth of Aged Care Sector is perceived as in high demand in next decade. Australian Government is putting more efforts to develop the aged care sector. In addition to it, government provides various types of funding in relation with services chosen by the consumer and subsidies to the consumer. The future directions of Aged care sector involves the use of technology in offering the services and consuming the care services by the elderly people which would lead to larger number of employment opportunities .

Aged Care Courses & Disability Courses

Gain fully accredited and nationally recognised qualification in aged care and related services from the best professionals in the industry. Gain job-ready insights that will help you to achieve success in your work place from day one. Start your training using the best learning resources and with the knowledge and support of our most qualified trainers.

Why is aged care a great career choice?

Aged care industries are not affected by the global financial crisis and it grows up forever without any downturn. Hence, employment in aged care can lead to a secured career path.

To be employed as a carer in a government approved aged care facility in Australia, one needs to have a nationally recognised aged care certification. In order to get this certificate, one should enroll in an aged care course. This course is formally recognised by the name called Certificate III in Individual Support whose course code is CHC33015.

Working as an aged carer is a rewarding role in itself and allows assisting elderly Australians to their full potential. Supporting older people can bring a drastic difference in their quality of life which results in self-satisfaction through your work.

The growing demand for aged care services provides a bright and progressive future to potential employees. Some of the roles and responsibilities such as administrative, coordination, training and management, can be achieved by additional qualifications such as Certificate IV in home and community care (CHC40212), Certificate IV in Aged Care (CHC40108), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) and Certificate IV in Frontline Management (BSB40812).

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