Perfect Aged Care Worker

Qualities of a perfect aged care worker

Perfect Aged Care Worker, Posted by Admin, Mar 20, 2019

As humans, we are all surrounded by people who expect something from us at all times. Some people expect money. Some expect us to follow their instructions. Some want us to do them a favour and more. Amidst people who want different things from us, the only people who expect nothing but our time are the elderly people.

At their brittle age, all they look for are companionship, comfort, solace and somebody who could assist them with things. That’s why the job of a personal care worker is not easy. It’s not the mechanical routine work that one does. Every day is different and probably, every hour could be, too.

If you’re someone who looks forward to assisting the elderly as a full-time personal care worker or spends time with them in your free time, here are the essential qualities you need.

Being Responsible

As an aged care worker, you need to be responsible for a lot of things. Another human is reliant on your deeds and work. You should be responsible for their medication, taking care of their health, remembering their doctor’s appointment, coordinating with their families and more to make them feel comfortable and assured.

Be Caring

Doing your job with a straight face is not what this profile expects. It wants you to care for them. You should show virtues like compassion, passion and dedication in your work and towards them. You should be kind and thoughtful about their age and experience, assist them with a smile and look after them properly.

Be Flexible

As a personal care worker, you won’t have a fixed time of work. Though there’s a timeframe in place, you will also be required to be with them in several situations. The doctor’s appointment could take a longer time than anticipated or there could be an emergency and more. You should be flexible enough to dedicate time to the unforeseen.

Be Patient

Flexible timings automatically demand patience. During extended hours of work, you should have the patience to still do your job with the same enthusiasm and attitude like it’s the first hour of your day. Elders can sense any change in your attitude and it could hurt them badly. Being patient and having the right attitude is inevitable here.

Apart from these, if there’s one attribute you should showcase at your work, it’s respect. You should respect the elderly and not take them for granted. Their wants, privacy, feelings, emotions and needs matter and it’s only because of these that this job profile exists. That’s why a personal care worker should be as respectful as possible. Sometimes, just listening to them is the greatest sign of respect one could reciprocate.

If you feel you have all these qualities and believe you’re the ideal fit for the job, we suggest you get started with the Certificate III in individual support. An aged care course would help you get certified. This is absolutely necessary as it’s one of the basic requirements to apply for the job role. Get started today and have a rewarding career in the coming months.