Care Education and Training Services (RTO ID: 41091) Trading as Apt Training College

Placement Assistance


The main endeavour of Apt Training College is to get students placed in reputed multinationals, government Organisations, NGO's and the private sector providing healthcare, aged-care and related services to the markets. All students registered with us will be provided placement assistance, counselling for employment and self/social entrepreneurship. The Apt Training College assures support to the training candidates at each step of their education and after their course.

The college will act as an interface between the industry and the students, and will primarily enable the students to select from their career options. We shall facilitate the selection process of all the companies as per their requirement. The college will liaison with corporate organisations to provide suitable jobs and internship for the candidates completing their studies from the Apt Training College. Throughout our training we provide key information to our candidates about the industry, the job roles and the expectations they must meet to be successful professionals.

Our expert trainers and seasoned team members don’t just provide training and education, they use their expertise to shape the candidates into future employees by providing them with inside information and preparing them for the job selection and job performance. We ensure that our candidates are best prepared to go out there and make there mark in the industry from day one. Our deeply-integrated support includes:

In-Training Primer

  • Industry Awareness Information - our training provide details about the Industry at each level and during each session in relation to the course component. We ensure that candidates understand the wider scheme of operations and the direction the industry is taking and where does their own job role fit within the larger objectives of the company and the industry.
  • Job Scope Information - our trainers are industry experts and they use their knowledge and experience to elaborate upon the nature and scope of the jobs our candidates are aspiring to be placed into. Our trainers use their expertise to educate the candidates in job specifications and unrelated tasks that they may be required to perform as part of their role.
  • Industry Expectations Information - our trainers are regular industry consultants, employees and training partners. We encourage our trainers to use this personal knowledge to help candidates understand local and broader industry expectations. We ensure that our trainers are able to provide a strategic overview of the industry and its functions within the broader community as well as the role of legislation within the industry.

Recruitment Cell

  • Personal Presentation - We understand that each candidate has a personality, strengths and advantages. We want to help them understand these and bring out their A-Game when they apply for a job. They should learn to carry and present themselves at highest standards to make the impeccable first impression on the companies and recruiters.
  • Resume Excellence - Resume is a magical piece of paper that can make or break a deal. It is the document speaking for the candidate when the candidate cannot speak for himself/herself. Resume requires careful planning, surgical precision and an elegant structure that provides key information without the unnecessary. We help our candidates in preparing their best resume using the tips and information provided by the HR managers from the industry itself. We regularly call industry experts for small workshops explaining the resume and cover letter requirements to our candidates so that they can avoid all the non-vital information and focus on the necessary.
  • Interview Assistance - Interview can be a daunting experience for many. Many candidates may be extremely dedicated and hard-working but because of their anxiety and panic, they can hardly perform well in the interviews. We address that with strength here at Apt. we develop our candidates to speak freely and in front of other people to express their ideas, opinions and information about themselves. We also invite industry HR personnel to educate our candidates in interview techniques and to tell them about the most common questions and problems posed by the interviewers in the industry.
  • Professional Development - Continuous professional development is the key to success in any industry. Updating the knowledge and skills within a professional environment ensures that the candidate is aware of recent trends, employment conditions and strategic direction of the sector. We continue to be in touch with our candidates long after they have been placed to ensure that they take all the opportunities to undertake their own development and advance their career at a good pace.