Why manual handling training is important

Why is important to do Manual Handling course for working in Health and community sector?

Importance of Having a Manual Handling Certification if You are a Healthcare Professional Posted by Admin, november 23, 2019
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Why Manual Handling Training

Manual handling is a routine activity for any professional working in the healthcare sector. A nurse, occupational therapist, doctor or ambulance staff is required to handle patients on a day to day basis while providing care. Proper manual handling is essential to ensure that you don’t suffer from any injury while lifting, lowering, carrying, pulling. moving or holding a patient’s body. If you have a manual handling certificate in Australia, you are in a better position to fulfill your responsibilities as a healthcare professional.

Manual Handling Errors can Lead to Injuries

If you are working in the healthcare industry, you need to have complete knowledge of manual handling procedures. As patients depend on you for quality care, you should have thorough understanding of the safe procedures and techniques.
Failing to handle a patient properly can lead to a number of musculoskeletal injuries such as:

  • Muscular Sprains
  • Ligament and Tendon Damage
  • Abdominal Hernias
  • Nerve Damage

Not only will this affect your quality of life but will also affect your personal ability to work as a healthcare professional. Enrolling for a manual handling course in Adelaide will equip you with knowledge of best manual handling practices.

Industry Regulations related to Manual Handling

Moreover, now the Australian laws require a healthcare establishment to comply with guidelines for manual handling. The National Work Health and Safety Act, 2012 outlines the frameworks for implementation of manual handling regulations within an organization. Hence, healthcare employers are keen to bring qualified and certified healthcare professionals on-board. When you have participated in some form of formal manual handling training in Adelaide, you get a certified manual handling certificate that improves your chances of employment.

When you have long-term employment plans in the healthcare sector, it is better to have a certification up your sleeve. Even if you have taken a certification course earlier, you should think of a refresher course to rejig your memory and stay relevant in the dynamic healthcare regulation landscape.